Hồ sơ

name Dustin Gửi tin nhắn
Biệt danh dustinwantlove
tuổi 54
Giới tính Nam
Chiều cao 1m77 ( 5 Feet 10 Inches )
Tình trạng hôn nhân Độc thân
Tôn giáo Đạo Phật
Giới thiệu bản thân I like people who are open-minded and discuss things with their partners and family members. I do not like to hide anything from my close family members and friends. I am honest, kind, and gentle. I try to help the poor and the needy as my means allow. I am very sensitive and can not see anyone in a hurt or sad mood. I am very articulate and always dress up.
Muốn tìm She is a kind, honest, and educated woman. She does not argue or create an unpleasant environment. She is understanding and is family and marriage-oriented. She may be working or staying home because it does not matter. She should have good communication skills, romantic and loving personality.
Nơi sinh sống Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Mỹ